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January 29, 2007



this site sucks ass


America may have its first radical Muslim President.





Kerri Tang

We don't need a muslim president. He hasn't been truthful about his background, and that's enough to cause suspicion to me. And, how would they know what's best for the country's needy.........they both were raised in affluent families, and one graduated from Harvard, and one from Yale. they've lived very well, and you hear the democrats talk about the poor minorities being left behind, and all that........and you hear most poor blacks being very hateful about blacks that are successful, commenting that they are trying to be white. Well, here's their candidate, very rich, very successful, so what's that about? I doubt that most of his supporters know their background, or they are doing their usual thing.........being hypocrites and living the double standard.

guillermo opela

Who Barrach Obama is is rather
self evident.

A multi-racial mature American
male currently serving as a
United States Senator. He
embraces the Christian religion
without bashing other religions.
He has remarkable skills as a
person able to express his thoughts.
He is well educated, a lawyer, and
and author who has volunteered
many hours on behalf of the under
privledged of Chicago while building
his own, solid, political career.

As a native born person of hispanic
back ground, I can only admire the
brilliance and the balance that Mr.
Obama offers to us.

the truth

Come on guys.. Its is sometimes intellectually degrading to comment on issues without substantiating it with any eduacated evidence. This is politics and his legacy should be gauged purely by his actions... not the family background he has. Ask yourself this question: has he in any moment or instance committed a crime that projects him as a muslim radical?... so far, it is no. so dnot lambast him on the simple pretext of his family backgroud. How many Americans originated from diliguent families and end up being a person of importance?. Does he not deserve the same?. I thought Americans are leaders of the civilized world. As a non-American i expected more from you guys. Not this protrayal of racial stereotyping and stupidity.

Babar Mahmood

What's Obama? I need not to find the truth as he is a converted Christian and in Islam there is no way to accept anyother religion after coming to the truth, the last and the completed message of God, Islam. His identiry as an American is proved from his targetted Drone attacks in Pakistan, against the siverignnity of a country. I as ateacher warn Mr. Obama to stop the killing of innocent people of this area, very innocent and true Muslims...

jessica conley

shut up if you dont know what you are talking about your just upset you are not him and your not doing well.

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