Matt Murphy

Thursday, October 30, 2008

From the GOP state trenches: Murphy, Forte-Scott and Dahl races

Illinois Review's been visiting some key local races this week, and here's word from the trenches on incumbent GOP Senators Matt Murphy and Gary Dahl, as well as GOP challenger Anita Forte-Scott, three of the URF's Eight in '08:

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Latest news from URF's Eight in '08

What's in the news today about the URF's 8 in 08 candidates:

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Friday, October 10, 2008

Meet Matt Murphy

Matt Murphy has been a leader for conservative values in the State Senate since he was first elected in 2006.  Representing the northwest suburbs, he's a bright hope for Illinois Republicans.  Find out more at the URF's  website or at

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sen. Matt Murphy lets it rip on ethics legislation

State Senator Matt Murphy (R-Palatine) didn't hold anything back last week in calling for Senate President Emil Jones to pass meaningful ethics legislation. The clip below shows Murphy at a press conference, surrounded by somber Democrats like Attorney General Lisa Madigan (daughter of House Speaker Mike Madigan), State Senator Jeff Schoenberg (who shares responsibility for the abhorrent financial mess our state's in as Appropriations committee chairman), Lt. Gov Pat Quinn (who shamelessly helped to elect Blagojevich and now is calling for recall) as well as a couple of others whose faces should have been red for their shamless hypocrisy. 

Instead, they appeared colorless when Murphy let it rip. Congrats for giving us real hope for real Republican leadership in the days to come, Senator Murphy!

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Saturday, August 23, 2008

URF's 8 in '08: Matt Murphy, GOP Senator in 27th District

Murphymatt PALATINE --  When Palatine attorney Matt Murphy was elected as state senator in 2006, he was the Republican Senate caucus’ prize win in a brutal election year.  The war in Iraq had turned voters against Republicans nationally, and the state party’s gubernational candidate choice was less than inspirational.  Murphy emerged victorious in a battle over an open Republican seat when odds were stacked against him. 

Up until then-State Senator Wendell Jones decided he would not seek re-election, Murphy’s only attempt for electoral office was that as a local college trustee candidate. During Murphy's tenure on the Harper College board, he fought to balance the school's budget and worked against increased spending, while forming coalitions with four-year schools to expand educational opportunities for Harper College students.

Murphy and his 2006 Democratic nemesis Peter Gutzmer will face off on the ballot once again this year, and now an incumbent, Murphy is hopeful 27th Senate district voters are pleased enough to send him back for a second term.

“I’m cautiously optimistic that the voters will re-elect me,” Murphy said, “but it’ll take work.  My opponent is a serious candidate and he works hard.” 

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Monday, August 11, 2008

Talk about it: Take away their right to tax?

Emphasizing another reason why Democratic control of the legislature and the governor's seat is hurting Illinois, a group of Republican lawmakers with constituents in Cook County continue to fight back on the recent sales tax increase.  These House and Senate members are proposing the General Assembly take away Cook County's ability to raise taxes, as provided in the state constitution (Art VII, Section 6 (g)).

"When you abuse power, you need to have the power taken away," said State Sen. Matt Murphy, (R) Palatine.

Murphy has also called for an investigation into whether his Palatine Township could secede from Cook County.  Palatine, just south of the Cook County/Lake County line, stands to lose $100,000 in sales taxes this year alone because of the county board's July 1 tax increase.

State Senator Christine Radogno (R-Lemont) and State Rep. Ruth Monson (R-Lemont) joined Murphy in the call last Friday.

The state constitution does say the general assembly may deny the limit or the power to tax of a home rule unit, but that would require a three-fifths' majority vote.

More here: Chicago News 8/08/08.

It's nearly impossible for this to pass the Democratic-controlled General Assembly.  What are your thoughts on this proposal -- good, bad, an ill-advised political stunt or a courageous call for reform?  Does this proposal counter time-honored local control?  Talk about it.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Murphy and Appel speak out against Cook sales tax

Today, 9th Senate District nominee Brendan Appel, along with Cook County Commissioner Tony Peraica and State Senator Matt Murphy, spoke to concerned citizens at a tax protest, held in front of the James R. Thompson Center, in downtown Chicago.

As of midnight on July 1st, Cook County sales taxes ballooned to 10.25%, making it the highest sales tax rate in the United States. Inside the Chicago Central Business District, the sales tax grew even higher, to 11.25% with an additional 0.25% tax on restaurants.

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