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Thursday, October 30, 2008

From the GOP state trenches: Murphy, Forte-Scott and Dahl races

Illinois Review's been visiting some key local races this week, and here's word from the trenches on incumbent GOP Senators Matt Murphy and Gary Dahl, as well as GOP challenger Anita Forte-Scott, three of the URF's Eight in '08:

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Friday, October 24, 2008

Intimidation and harassment of House candidate Forte-Scott

Shoe Here's evidence that once Republican/now Democrat State Rep. Paul Froehlich is very worried he's going to lose to GOP challenger Anita Forte-Scott November 4th. No, the evidence is not polling, although we're hearing polling shows Anita doing very well. It's not fundraising either, although Forte-Scott's numbers has been very respectable. The evidence that Froehlich is worried is something more tangible, like, well, a sudden 48 hour barrage of village code violations on his opponent.

At 1 o-clock in the morning one day this week, the Schaumburg Police found it necessary to issue code violations on two vehicles sitting in the Scott's driveway. Problem? No Schaumburg village sticker, the police said. And why no Schaumburg sticker?  Because both vehicles are registered for use at the Scott's Elgin preschool. Some emergency.

The next morning, the village cited the Scotts for not having enough grass in the parkway in front of their house. Cars had pulled up on the curb and left a muddy rut. That demanded an urgent visit from the Schaumburg city officials, the first time the Scotts had been cited during their twenty years as Schaumburg residents. Another serious threat to the community.

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Latest news from URF's Eight in '08

What's in the news today about the URF's 8 in 08 candidates:

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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Of course Friendship Village will be friendly Saturday

There's no doubt the 500+ elderly residents of Schaumburg's Friendship Village will warmly receive area candidates from 9:30 to 11:00 am as the League of Women Voters, in a not-so-friendly way, allow only those residents, their guests and selected media into this Saturday's candidate forum.

FroehlichwifeBut let's be honest, Friendship Village guests are likely to be especially friendly towards one candidate -- the 56th House District incumbent Paul Froehlich, who morphed from a Republican into a Madigan Democrat last summer.  After all, we're assuming Froehlich is pretty friendly with his own wife Marilyn, who, according to the Schaumburg Library Board's web page, is Friendship Village's move-in co-ordinator.  And, the site says, Froehlich's wife also consults politicians.

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Monday, October 06, 2008

Forte-Scott Challenges Froehlich to Return Tainted Donation

From the Forte-Scott for Illinois House campaign:

Schaumburg, IL – Five days after Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan filed a lawsuit against lending giant Countrywide Financial Corporation for deceptively engaging in risky and costly mortgage loans to 21,000 Illinois homeowners, Rep. Paul Froehlich accepted and cashed a $1,200 campaign contribution from Countrywide Bank, a subsidiary company.

“Countrywide’s unfair, dangerous lending practices put thousands in unaffordable loans, and now, leaves a devastating impact on Illinois homeowners as well as the national economy,” said Anita Forte-Scott, Republican candidate for State Representative. “This is just another example of poor judgment by Paul Froehlich and his priorities of self-service over public service.”

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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Froehlich's "Friends" drop horse head on GOP challenger

Godfather_663994cThis weekend, Republican challenger Anita Forte-Scott woke up to an emailed horsehead in her inbox, a gift from "Friends of Froehlich." 

For those not familiar with one of The Godfather's most memorable moments, the 56th House incumbent sent a threatening message to GOP opponent Forte-Scott from "The Family" (in other words, the Dems). 

In an attempt to intimidate Republican Forte-Scott away from daring to challenge once-Republican, now-Democrat State Representative Paul Froehlich, his "Friends" sent out a sleazy attack mailer suggesting Forte-Scott's Elgin daycare center business is sub-standard. Froehlich's mailer lists various licensure infractions over the past three years, but conveniently and purposely leaves out the fact that Bright Stars Academy has no violations (founded complaints) on record, DCFS Hotline staffer Ken Morgan told Illinois Review Tuesday via phone.

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Saturday, September 27, 2008

56th House District candidates differ on taxes and licenses

Fortescott_3Thursday night, Schaumburg Review reports voters in the 56th State House District had a chance to hear two major differences between Republican Anita Forte-Scott and Democrat incumbent Paul Froehlich

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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Fact Check Review: Veterans' mailer doesn't match Froehlich's Record

Schaumburg,Reviewed  IL – While a mailing paid for by the Democratic Party of Illinois claimed Paul Froehlich has fought to protect veterans, official records from the Illinois House of Representatives paint a difference picture.

Froehlich’s mailing claims that he is fighting to improve state medical and mental health services for veterans. However, an analysis of Froehlich’s record demonstrates cuts to key veteran services and even veteran homes and healthcare services.

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Monday, September 15, 2008

Forte-Scott vs. Froehlich heats up in 56th

As long as Anita Forte-Scott stays focused on Democratic incumbent Paul Froehlich's betrayal of the people who put him in office and his new commitment to Democratic House Speaker Mike Madigan, she'll have the best chance of knocking off Froehlich.  Getting side-tracked on personal history looks petty.  Let's hope she stays focused on where he's most vulnerable.

Still, the Daily Herald ran a story today on the northwest suburban 56th District House race, headlining the story "Personal Issue ss a factor in 56th House race":

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Forte-Scott Announces Cyber-Safety Legislation

Fortescott_3 SCHAUMBURG, IL - With over 230,000 new registrants a day joining the social networking website MySpace, sexual predators are now using the internet as their primary source to target children. To address this issue, Republican nominee for State Representative Anita Forte-Scott announced a cyber-safety “Agenda for Action” to protect children from online predators.

“Sexual predators use the anonymity of the internet to communicate with children,” Forte-Scott said. “Hidden behind fake names and profiles, they pretend they are children and exchange names, cell phone numbers and photos with unknowing minors.”

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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Updated 1: 56th House race low on funds -- for now

The Pioneer Press' Schaumburg Review points out today the surprisingly small amount of $$ incumbent once-Republican/now Democrat State Rep. Paul Froehlich reported on hand June 30 -- less than $8000, with thousands more in-kinds from House Speaker Mike Madigan. 

Republican challenger Anita Forte-Scott's June 30 on hand balance was less than Froehlich's, but after all, she's a challenger. He's an incumbent, and still unable to raise a respectable amount of support. Froehlich won a tough 51-46 Democratic primary in the spring. Even half the Democrats weren't happy with his performance in Springfield.

Both candidates look to their caucuses to help with campaign funding in the days ahead.

UPDATE 1: Just a few months ago, Froehlich held a press conference pushing for a statewide ballot referendum on gambling expansion. Most assumed Froehlich's initiative was against the expansion. But the fact is he's gotten thousands from gambling interests (see below). And that just what we could find in a quick search.

  • Alton Gaming Company | 07/26/05 | $500.00 to Friends for Froehlich
  • Harrah's Operating Company | 10/04/06 | $500.00 to Froehlich
  • Penn National Gaming | 10/07/06 | $1,500.00 to Froehlich
  • Penn National Gaming Inc | 10/18/07 | $1,500.00 to Froehlich

As today's Review says, the 56th District will be one of the state's hottest and most competitive races this fall.

Link: Candidates wait for cash surge :: News :: PIONEER PRESS :: Schaumburg Review.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Is Froehlich jealous or just dis-oriented?

Today, once-Republican/now-Democrat State Rep. Paul Froehlich pointed out to Illinois Review that another Springfield-based reporter referred to House Republican Leader Tom Cross as Governor Blagojevich's "bestest buddy in the whole world."

We can't quote the whole piece, because that Springfield reporter tends to sting when he slaps IR's friendly, outstretched hand, but let's say the quote is in the midst of a passage describing the chaos that's likely to erupt at the capital next week.

Froehlich's, who's being challenged by Schaumburg Library President Anita Forte-Scott in the 56th House District, is apparently jealous of Rod's declared new BBWW Tom.  Froehlich writes:

Since Illinois Review has (mis)identified another legislator as Rod's BFF, thought you might want to either correct Rich or, if you agree with him, update IR.

Word is Froehlich may be looking for new friends and is a bit dis-oriented as a couple of weeks ago the GOP turncoat turned up at a Bloomingdale Township Republican fundraiser looking for his friends.  It was awkward to say the least, and the talk of the day. 

Just thought of this -- someone should tell Rod's BFF that Democrats go to the State Fair on Wednesday -- traditionally Governor's Day -- and he should not attend on Thursday because it's when the IL GOP will be celebrating.  Rep. Froehlich, you're a Democrat now, remember?

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Part 2 - Candidates Cruising with Family PAC

by Cal Skinner

Tuesday, I put up an article on McHenry County Blog about  Phyllis Schlafly’s receiving a Lifetime Achievement Award on Paul Caprio’s Family PAC cruise.

Yesterday, I followed up with the congressional candidates, state senate incumbents and the Republican candidate for Cook County State’s Attorney.

Today, we move onto the challengers.

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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

GOP House Candidate Forte-Scott Announces State Anti-Corruption Plan

From the Anita Forte-Scott campaign . . .

Schaumburg, IL - In an effort to restore the public’s trust in government and reform the way Illinois does business, State Representative Anita Forte-Scott (R-Schaumburg) unveiled a plan to enact the nation’s toughest anti-corruption laws. As part of the House Republican “Agenda for Action,” Forte-Scott is committed to putting an end to pay-to-play politics and providing greater transparency and oversight to state government.

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Monday, July 28, 2008

Forte-Scott mailing takes area GOPers by surprise

One of the candidates chosen for the United Republican Fund's "8 in 08" campaign, Anita Forte-Scott in the 56th House District, had a mailing from the URF's President Steve Rauschenberger hit Republican mailboxes last week. 

Download 2008fortescottletter1.pdf

Download 2008fortescottletter2.pdf

Forte-Scott is challenging once-Republican/now-Democrat State Rep. Paul Froehlich of Schaumburg.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Blagojevich's BF responds (kind of)

Froehlichblago_2 Friday afternoon, Illinois Review received a note from State Rep. Paul Froehlich, unhappy about IR posting the "Rod's BF Froehlich" YouTube video. He listed several points he thought we should know "just in case facts matter."  We thought posting those points would be fair and balanced and provoke interesting insight into Republican Anita Forte-Scott's challenge in the 56th District, so we requested permission to post his reply.

But once-Republican, now-Democrat Froehlich rejected our offer to publish his comments verbatim, and unless he changes his mind (been known to happen before), you'll be unable to read his response posted publicly here on Illinois Review.

Suffice to say, Froehlich is still simmering in the self-righteous soup he concocted as he voted last week with his House Speaker Mike Madigan against Blagojevich's capital plan, which would have been funded by expanding gambling.

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Thursday, July 17, 2008

URF's 8 in '08: House 56th District's GOP candidate Anita Forte-Scott

Pictures_1_115_2_2SCHAUMBURG -- There are two key reasons why Schaumburg Library President Anita Forte-Scott says she is challenging State Rep. Paul Froehlich (D-Schaumburg) on the November 2008 ballot: 

  1. The two-term House incumbent has not served his 56th District constituents well and
  2. He betrayed longtime faithful Republican supporters when he joined the Democratic Party last year.

Those two reasons moved Forte-Scott to begin knocking on doors, talking to her neighbors about they think how Illinois is doing, and becoming more and more convinced the time was right to run for Froehlich's House seat.

“The people I talk to tell me they’re most concerned about preserving the way of life they’ve worked so hard to achieve,” Forte-Scott said.  “With the downturn in the economy, people in the 56th are asking where has all the money gone they’ve paid in over the years?  Why is the state spending more money than we have?  What’s Paul Froehlich been doing in Springfield for us?”

The people of the 56th are ready for change, Forte-Scott said.

“All I’m interested in doing is getting this seat back into Republican hands and back to the way it was when our state rep’s door was open and accessible to everyone, as it was when [former State Rep.] Kay Wojcik was in office,” Forte-Scott said. 

“When Kay was this district’s rep, you didn’t have to go through red tape to get time with her, you didn’t have to pay your way to get access.  Jobs weren’t threatened if you disagreed with Kay.  That’s not the way it is now.”

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Saturday, July 12, 2008

House GOP's "Agenda for Action" to be launched statewide Tuesday

Plainfield, IL…Illinois House Republican Leader Tom Cross will be joined by fellow Cook County Republican State Representatives and legislative candidates to unveil the “Agenda for Action,” a seven-point agenda designed to get Illinois back on track.

“We can make Illinois great again,” said House GOP Leader Tom Cross.  “This agenda represents the goals, values and principles of every Illinoisan.  Now we must work together to restore promise and deliver results.”

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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Stewart predicts Forte-Scott win over incumbent

Conservative Republicans shouldn't only hope political analyst Russ Stewart is right in predicting Schaumburg's Anita Forte-Scott will beat Democratic turncoat State Rep Paul Froehlich in November, they should work towards making sure it happens. 

From Russ' column yesterday on the 56th State Rep. District:

The outlook: Expect both Madigan and Cross to pump $300,000 into the district on their candidates' behalf. The Republicans will try to make the race a referendum on Froehlich, portraying him as an untrustworthy and opportunistic scoundrel. Democrats will rip Bush and hope that a surge of pro-Obama "change" voters will vote for every Democrat, even a former pro-Reagan, pro-Bush Republican like Froehlich. "It's all about 'asset protection' by Madigan," Arnold said. "Froehlich is literally a 'man without a country.' Liberals have no use for him. Republicans despise him. He is utterly dependent on Madigan to save him."

My prediction: Integrity matters. Duplicity matters. Vengeance motivates. Obama will beat John McCain by 55 percent to 45 percent in the district, but Froehlich is so detested by so many that he'll lose. Forte-Scott will win with 54 percent of the vote.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Cook County candidate calls for sunshine on budget

Dsc08021_3SCHAUMBURG -- Voters in the northern Cook County state rep district should know that the "sucking sound from the east" they're hearing these days are hard-earned tax dollars leaving their 56th House District and heading straight into Chicago Democrats' pockets, former State Senator Steve Rauschenberger said today.

Much of the angst Rauschenberger and GOP candidate Anita Forte-Scott expressed was pointed to State Rep. Paul Froehlich, who was first elected state rep as a Republican, but who changed parties last year.

"This district's state rep has become a Cook County Democrat.  When he did, he became as responsible for our high taxes and misspent money just as much as the other Chicago Democrats, including [Cook County Board President] Todd Stroger, [House Speaker] Mike Madigan, [Senate President] Emil Jones and the Governor himself," Rauschenberger said today outside Forte-Scott's Schaumburg campaign office.

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Frustrated biz owners vent in Schaumburg

Fortescott_2 SCHAUMBURG -- Small business owners in the northwest suburbs expressed their concerns for the skyrocketing cost of doing business in Illinois Wednesday afternoon as House Minority Leader Tom Cross, Republican members Dennis Reboletti and Randy Ramey as well as GOP House candidate Anita Forte-Scott listened. 

There was no polite attempt to hide the business owners' frustration.  They are ready for change, and have been for a while, they said.

"What are you going to do to turn things around here in Illinois?" the state lawmakers were asked as employers ranging from day care center owners to real estate agents to kitchen remodelers vented about high gas prices, Illinois' increased minimum wage and rising employee taxes.  These costs that have cut into their business revenues to the point that some have been forced to drastic cutbacks in their businesses.

The conversation, some feared, is a sign of the times, as consumer optimism diminishes and the "R" word is bandied around.

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